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  1. Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet


    From: £0.85
    If you can make your personal and business gifts fun and interesting, you can be pretty certain that they will be kept and used. These giant bottle caps are both attractive and useful. They have a useful metal bottle opener on the back and they are smart fridge magnets too, so you are really giving 2 great gifts in 1. They are made from thick white plastic and your designs, logos and text will be printed in the centre of the caps in digital full colour. Your large print area is 65mm in diameter so your bright designs will really stand out. These fridge magnets make perfect business promotional gifts for any events. They are also fun and popular personal gifts for family members, colleagues and friends. You can give them on their own or together with a card. They are perfect for sticking on to anything metal, fridges, filing cabinets, drawers, computers and metal ice buckets and they will certainly attract attention. You may order as many or as few as you like as we have no minimum order quantity. Learn More
  2. Rectangular Fridge Magnet


    From: £0.39
    A fridge magnet is a great way of keeping your brand and contact details in front of your customers and clients. They also make inexpensive personal gifts which you can design with a favourite theme, event or an individual name. Our rectangle fridge magnets measure 70mm x 49mm and they are made from durable white acrylic. They come with a large magnet attached to the backs so you can place them on fridges, drawers, filing cabinets and anything metal. They are perfect to dress up your work station and can be attached to radiators in children's bedrooms too. Magnets are popular trade show and exhibition giveaways and are perfect for party bags too. Your large print area is 70mm x 49mm and as these fridge magnets will be printed in full digital colour, your designs and text will really stand out. These popular magnets make inexpensive personal and business gifts for any occasion or event and our minimum order quantity is just 1 printed magnet. Learn More
  3. Large Square Fridge Magnet


    From: £0.39
    These large square fridge magnets will really show off your colourful designs and messages as they will be printed in full digital colour. They measure 59mm x 59mm and are made from strong white acrylic and have large magnets attached to the backs. They can be attached to fridges, filing cabinets, drawers, radiators and anything metal and will dress up your work area. Your large print area is 59mm x 59mm so your colourful and unique designs and text will really stand out. These magnets can be individually personalised for friends, family members and colleague and they are also a perfect way to promote your business or service. Your customers and clients will always have your brand and contact details to hand when they need to contact you. They make inexpensive promotional giveaways at trade fairs and exhibitions and are ideal to include in your goody bags. Orders start from just 1 personalised magnet so they are suitable as both personal and business gifts for everyone. Learn More
  4. Magnet Pen


    From: £0.44
    If you have ever struggled to find a pen when you need one, have a look at these clever magnet pens. Such a simple but effective idea! These smart flat pens have long magnets on the backs so you can attach or hang them onto anything metal. They are perfect to hang on the fridge, desk drawers and filing cabinets. They come in crisp white and are fitted with black ink refills. They are perfect as personal gifts perhaps with a magnetic note board for friends, colleagues and family members and they are also popular as promotional giveaways at trade shows and exhibitions to promote your business or service. As they are flat, you can include them in mailings too so they land straight on your customers and prospects desks. Your large print area is 100mm x 10mm and they will be printed in digital full colour so you can make your design colourful and striking. These useful pens are available in any quantity, so whether you are looking for a single personal gift or a larger quantity for a promotional event, these cheap pens make perfect gifts for all occasions. Learn More