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  1. Camelot Set


    From: £1.20
    There are so many occasions when we need a different ink colour or highlighter and spend ages rummaging around trying to find the colour that we need. Our Camelot set is the solution to all these problems as these attractive white presentations cases hold 5 great writing nibs and you can keep them altogether in one handy place. You have a red, black and blue ballpen, a yellow highlighter and a mechanical pencil. The large white case lids will be digitally printed in full colour with your colourful design and message. Your large print area is 90mm x 35mm so you can make your cases as colourful and as dramatic as you like. They make great gifts for any occasion or event and fit easily into school bags, briefcases and backpacks so you can carry them around everywhere with you. They are perfect for meetings, conferences and any office drawers. These useful pen and pencil cases are available in any quantity so whether you are looking for 1 or 2 as gifts for family members and friends or you are looking to promote a special event or business, you can order as many or as few of these great sets as you like. Learn More
  2. Evolution Rollerball


    From: £1.52
    Rollerballs always make popular promotional gifts for any and all events. Everyone likes to receive a rollerball so you know that they will keep it and use it. If you are looking for a smart gift for a friend or colleague, you won't be able to beat a smart personalised rollerball. These top selling capped rollerballs come with brilliant white barrels to really show off your design and print and they have contrasting satin silver clips, nose-cones and trim for a smart look. They come fitted with German precision black ink refills for a smooth and effortless writing performance. With no minimum order quantity, you may just be looking for 1 personalised rollerball as a gift or a larger quantity for a marketing event or as customer promotional gifts. Your design and message will be digitally printed in full colour on the barrels and your large print area is 50mm x 8mm. Rollerballs make great gifts for any occasion or event and these smart top selling rollerballs are offered at a really great price. Learn More
  3. Spectrum Max Touch Ballpen


    From: £0.39
    Stylish retractable ballpen with rectangular barrel designed to maximise print area. Includes a capacitive stylus, comfortable grip and attractive chrome trim. Available to order with full colour digital printing from as little as one unit! Lead time on orders placed after 14:00 will start from the next working day. Learn More
  4. Vogue Biofree Ballpen


    From: £0.68
    There are certain occasions and particular industries where protection against bacteria is absolutely vital and all equipment has to be treated to keep it free from these parasites. We have a special pen which has been developed using silver ion technology which provides continuous antibacterial and antifungal protection for the life of the pen. These smart pens come in brilliant white with contrasting shiny silver clips, push-buttons and nose-cones and they are fitted with black ink refills. They are perfect for hospitals, dentists, doctors, chemists, the health sector, caterers, food preparation companies and any business where hygiene is of the utmost importance. The white barrels will be personalised with your design, logo and message in digital full colour and your large print area is 85mm x 8.5mm. You may want to print an individual name on them for a friends or family member working in one of these fields or you may want to promote your business or service to customers and clients. Orders start from just 1 printed pen so these special pens are ideal as personal or corporate gifts. Learn More
  5. Spectrum Max Night Ballpen


    From: £0.46
    Stylish retractable ballpen with a uniquely shaped coloured barrel, chrome trim and comfortable rubberised grip. Full colour printing available and starting from a single piece! Learn More
  6. Contour Digital Touch Ballpen


    From: £0.42
    New to the Contour™ Digital range. The Contour™ Digital Touch is ideal for any promotional requirement, with the touch nib and large print area. The capacitive stylus can be used on both capacitive and resistive touch screen phones and tablets. The patented barrel has been designed to exploit the full potential of the digital printing process. Learn More
  7. Magnet Pen


    From: £0.44
    If you have ever struggled to find a pen when you need one, have a look at these clever magnet pens. Such a simple but effective idea! These smart flat pens have long magnets on the backs so you can attach or hang them onto anything metal. They are perfect to hang on the fridge, desk drawers and filing cabinets. They come in crisp white and are fitted with black ink refills. They are perfect as personal gifts perhaps with a magnetic note board for friends, colleagues and family members and they are also popular as promotional giveaways at trade shows and exhibitions to promote your business or service. As they are flat, you can include them in mailings too so they land straight on your customers and prospects desks. Your large print area is 100mm x 10mm and they will be printed in digital full colour so you can make your design colourful and striking. These useful pens are available in any quantity, so whether you are looking for a single personal gift or a larger quantity for a promotional event, these cheap pens make perfect gifts for all occasions. Learn More
  8. Pendant Ballpen


    From: £0.63
    The Pendant Ballpen is perfect for conferences and exhibitions, with its coloured cord, branded pendant and capacitive stylus. Get noticed with a large full colour print area of 44mm diameter. Choose from 6 popular colours that have a safety break function. Available to order with no minimum order quantity. Learn More