Recycled Plastic Trolley Coin


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It can be annoying trying to find a pound coin for supermarket trolleys and lockers and you never seem to have one when you need one. These strong white plastic trolley coins are the solution and as they come attached to a strong metal key ring you can always have them close to hand and will never get caught out again. The coins are made out of recycled plastic so they are an eco-friendly gift too. These handy trolley coins are perfect as individual gifts for friends, colleagues and family members and they can even be personalised with an individual name for a unique gift. They make cheap promotional giveaways at trade shows and exhibitions for businesses and services and everyone will want one as they are so useful. Your designs, logos and text will be printed in digital full colour on the front of the coins so you can make them as colourful and as eye-catching as you like, your print area is 22.3mm in diameter. These handy trolley coins are available printed in any quantity so they make great personal and business gifts for everyone.

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