Helios Highlighter


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There are many occasions when you need more than one highlighting ink colour so these great flower shaped highlighters make popular promotional and personal gifts for any occasion. They come with a white circular body and 5 colourful capped petals. The colour of the caps corresponds to the ink colour so you have 5 great colours to choose from all in one handy place. You have the choice from: blue, orange, pink, yellow or green highlighting inks. These inexpensive highlighters will be personalised in digital full colour on the white centres and your large print area is 50mm in diameter so your design will be prominent at all times. They are great gifts for children and as you can buy just one, they can be personalised with children's individual names. Of course, adults will want them too! They are also popular as promotional giveaways at trade shows and events to promote any business or service and you can be sure that everyone will want them as they are so useful. Your design and message will be seen over and over again as they sit on desktops everywhere.

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