Contour-i Extra Ballpen


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Multi-function pens are all the rage and this new Contour-i Extra pen is no exception. Most of us carry a pen around with us so why not carry a pen which has more than one application. We have just introduced a brand new Contour multi-function pen to our best-selling Contour range and this smart twist action pen has a black ballpoint pen at one end and a capacitive and resistive stylus at the other end for your tablets and touch screen phones, what a great and useful idea. They come with clean white barrels and contrasting soft rubber grips which are available in 4 bold colours. They have polished chrome clips and accents and are fitted with black documental ink refills. Your rubber grips are available in; black, blue, red and purple. These really are useful pens and they will help protect your touch screen from scratches and smears as well as helping with pinpoint accuracy. Your generous print area is 60mm x 6mm which will be digitally printed in full colour for a bold and eye-catching look. These popular pens are perfect for business promotions and events as well as making perfect gifts for friends and small groups and they are available in any quantity.

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