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  1. Apollo Ballpen


    From: £0.34
    Everyone uses a pen probably every day so why not personalise your own pens for a special occasion or event. Our Apollo pens are really popular and come with gleaming white chunky barrels and contrasting brightly coloured translucent grips with a smart cut-out detail and matching translucent clips and a band accent. You have the choice of: red, black, blue or green translucent grips and trims. Your chosen design and message will be digitally printed in full colour on the white barrels so it will really stand out and attract attention. Your print area is 50mm x 10mm and these pens come with black ink refills. Personalised pens are perfect for special events, birthdays, anniversaries, friends, as well as being an inexpensive way to promote a new business or service. They are also perfect for charities and special causes as fund raisers and can be used for any and all events. So, whether you are looking for just 1 pen, a dozen, 50 or several hundred. Learn More
  2. Panther Extra Ballpen


    From: £0.24
    A great range of push-button pens offering incredible value for money. Our new Panther Extra Ball Pens are perfect for large events, trade shows and exhibitions as well as being suitable as individual personalised inexpensive gifts. These push-button pens come with brilliant white barrels and brightly coloured clips, nose-cones and push-buttons available in 7 great solid colours. These pens are priced for any event and are popular for clubs, charities and as promotional giveaways at trade fairs and exhibitions. Choose your trim colour from: orange, red, yellow, black, blue, green and all white. The barrels will be personalised in digital full colour so you can make your designs as bright and colourful as you like. Your generous print area is 55mm x 9mm. With no minimum order quantity, you may want an individual name printed on one pen or you may want a handful for a club or group. These are also perfect promotional pens for large marketing events and your logo and messages will be highly visible printed on the white barrels. Learn More
  3. Contour-i Extra Ballpen


    From: £0.28
    Multi-function pens are all the rage and this new Contour-i Extra pen is no exception. Most of us carry a pen around with us so why not carry a pen which has more than one application. We have just introduced a brand new Contour multi-function pen to our best-selling Contour range and this smart twist action pen has a black ballpoint pen at one end and a capacitive and resistive stylus at the other end for your tablets and touch screen phones, what a great and useful idea. They come with clean white barrels and contrasting soft rubber grips which are available in 4 bold colours. They have polished chrome clips and accents and are fitted with black documental ink refills. Your rubber grips are available in; black, blue, red and purple. These really are useful pens and they will help protect your touch screen from scratches and smears as well as helping with pinpoint accuracy. Your generous print area is 60mm x 6mm which will be digitally printed in full colour for a bold and eye-catching look. These popular pens are perfect for business promotions and events as well as making perfect gifts for friends and small groups and they are available in any quantity. Learn More
  4. Contour Digital Ballpen


    From: £0.27
    Promotional pens are a great way of spreading your message, business or service at a great low price. They are suitable for large promotional events as well as for small groups, charities and clubs. The Contour range is one of our most popular with its' modern style and shape. These popular promotional pens come with gleaming white barrels with chrome clips, nose-cones push-buttons and band accent and contrasting soft rubber large grips in a huge choice of 10 colours, so there will certainly be a colour to match any theme, event or corporate colour. Choose your grip colour from: red, orange, yellow, purple, blue, black, aqua, green, pink or all white. They come fitted with high quality black ink refills. Your design will be printed on the barrels in full digital colour so they really will look striking and your print area is 60mm x 10mm. These eye-catching personalised pens are suitable for any event and they are available in any quantity from as little as just 1 printed pen. Printed pens make perfect cheap promotional giveaways at trade shows and exhibitions as well as being suitable for smaller events, individual gifts and they are a great way to raise funds for charities and good causes; people will always buy a pen to support their favourite charity. Available on a FREE 3-Day Express Service up to 2,000 units (delivery to Mainland UK in 4 working days). Lead time on orders placed after 14:00 will start from the next working day. Learn More
  5. Spectrum Max Ballpen


    From: £0.34
    This range of popular push-button personalised pens is offered at a great price. The bright white barrels are an unusual oval shape and they are fitted with large rubber grips available in 8 bright colours. They have chrome clips, nose-cones, push-buttons and an attractive diagonal band accent for a modern and stylish look. The coloured grips are available in: red, green, white, yellow, purple, blue, black and orange so there is certain to be a colour to match any theme, occasion or corporate event. They come fitted with high quality black ink refills. Your personalisation is on the white barrels and your generous print area is 45mm x 10mm which will be printed in digital full colour for a striking and colourful look. These unusual pens are perfect for promotional events, shows, exhibitions, customer gifts as well as being perfect for smaller groups too. Our minimum order quantity is just 1 personalised pen so if you want to personalise your pen with an individual name or theme, you can.
    Available on a FREE 24-Hour Express Service up to 2,000 units (delivery to Mainland UK in 2 working days). Lead time on orders placed after 14:00 will start from the next working day. Learn More
  6. Supersaver Foto Ballpen


    From: £0.28
    The Supersaver™ Foto Ballpen is a colourful retractable ballpen specifically designed to enable a 360˚ barrel print. Available in 8 vibrant colours starting from a single unit. Learn More
  7. Contour Extra Ballpen


    From: £0.22
    These smart white barrelled push-button pens are our top sellers. They have a modern sculptured design and shape and they come fitted with large soft rubber grips for a really comfortable hold and feel. Polished chrome clips, nose-cones and trims provide the finishing touches to these great every day promotional pens. The rubber grips come in a huge choice of colours; you have 10 different colours to choose from so there will certainly be a colour to suit your theme, corporate colour or event. The grips are available in: purple, white, black, green, orange, yellow, blue, red, aqua and pink. They come fitted with black ink refills and are offered at an amazing price. Your design and text will be printed in full digital colour set against the bright white background so it will always be noticed. Your large print area is 60mm x 6mm. This range is perfect as giveaways at trade shows and exhibitions as well as being popular for small groups, clubs, souvenir shops, gift shops and they are great fund raisers for charities. Orders start from just 1 printed pen so they make perfect personal gifts for all occasions too. Learn More
  8. Spectrum Ballpen


    From: £0.31
    Quality push-button retractable ballpen with chrome trim and a comfortable rubber grip in a range of eight bright colours. Please note the white version now comes with a white plastic grip section. Available on a FREE 24-hour service up to 2,000 units (delivery to UK Mainland in 2 working days). Lead time on orders placed after 14:00 will start from the next working day. Learn More
  9. Supersaver Extra Ballpen


    From: £0.18
    New to the Supersaver™ Range, the Supersaver™ Extra Ballpen is suitable for any promotional campaign. Learn More
  10. Contour Digital Eco Ballpen


    From: £0.33
    The Contour™ Digital Eco offers a recycled plastic barrel with rubberised colour grip and chrome trim. The patented barrel exploits the full potential of the digital printing process. Learn More