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  1. Dry Wipe Marker Pro


    From: £0.36
    Chunky dry wipe marker with round bullet tip. For use on most dry wipe boards. Available in a choice of four colours. Full colour printed to your design and available from a single piece! Learn More
  2. Trident Highlighter


    From: £0.51
    The Trident Highlighter consists of three highlighters in one. Highlighter ink colours include green, pink and yellow. Available with full colour printing starting from a single unit. Learn More
  3. Hi-Cap Ballpen


    From: £0.71
    Stylish double ended pen with a twist-action ballpen and capped highlighter. The stylus is compatible with both resistive and capacitive touch screen phones. Learn More
  4. Duo Highlighter


    From: £0.55
    There are often occasions when you need more than one highlighter colour so to have 2 different ink colours to choose from all in one highlighter pen is pretty handy. Our Duo highlighters come with large crisp white bodies and they have a cap on each end marked with a diagonal coloured band to show you the highlighting ink colour. You have pink ink at one end and yellow ink at the other end. Your large print area is 45mm x 12mm and these double ended highlighters come with digital full colour printing so your design and message will really stand out. They are suitable for all promotions and events and make popular promotional gifts at trade shows and exhibitions. You can print individual names on them for friends and colleagues, add them to pencil cases and other desktop promotional gifts or give them on their own. They are ideal for students and office workers and fit easily into bags and briefcases. With no minimum order quantity, you may order as many or as few as you like. Learn More
  5. Starlight Highlighter


    From: £0.75
    These handy and useful star shaped highlighters are perfect for all promotions as well as making bright and colourful personal gifts for any occasion. They are ideal for schools bags, children, adults and every desk, bag and drawer. They come with white star shaped bodies and each tip has a colourful cap which shows you the ink colour underneath it. You have 5 great coloured highlighting inks to choose from: pink, yellow, blue, green and orange all in one handy place so you will always be able to find the colour that you are looking for. They make perfect promotional gifts for trade shows and exhibitions and they will certainly be kept and used. They will be personalised with your design, message and logo in digital full colour on the white star bodies and the ultimate print area so you can make them really eye-catching effect. With no minimum order quantity, you can add them to children's party bags and event print individual names on them to impress your friends. These really are popular gifts that everyone will want, keep and use. Learn More
  6. Helios Highlighter


    From: £0.71
    There are many occasions when you need more than one highlighting ink colour so these great flower shaped highlighters make popular promotional and personal gifts for any occasion. They come with a white circular body and 5 colourful capped petals. The colour of the caps corresponds to the ink colour so you have 5 great colours to choose from all in one handy place. You have the choice from: blue, orange, pink, yellow or green highlighting inks. These inexpensive highlighters will be personalised in digital full colour on the white centres and your large print area is 50mm in diameter so your design will be prominent at all times. They are great gifts for children and as you can buy just one, they can be personalised with children's individual names. Of course, adults will want them too! They are also popular as promotional giveaways at trade shows and events to promote any business or service and you can be sure that everyone will want them as they are so useful. Your design and message will be seen over and over again as they sit on desktops everywhere. Learn More
  7. Camelot Set


    From: £1.20
    There are so many occasions when we need a different ink colour or highlighter and spend ages rummaging around trying to find the colour that we need. Our Camelot set is the solution to all these problems as these attractive white presentations cases hold 5 great writing nibs and you can keep them altogether in one handy place. You have a red, black and blue ballpen, a yellow highlighter and a mechanical pencil. The large white case lids will be digitally printed in full colour with your colourful design and message. Your large print area is 90mm x 35mm so you can make your cases as colourful and as dramatic as you like. They make great gifts for any occasion or event and fit easily into school bags, briefcases and backpacks so you can carry them around everywhere with you. They are perfect for meetings, conferences and any office drawers. These useful pen and pencil cases are available in any quantity so whether you are looking for 1 or 2 as gifts for family members and friends or you are looking to promote a special event or business, you can order as many or as few of these great sets as you like. Learn More
  8. Triangular Highlighter


    From: £0.51
    Everyone needs and uses a highlighter from time to time so these smart triangular shaped highlighters always make popular personal and promotional gifts. Each corner of the triangle has a pull off cap and a coloured band which shows you the highlighting ink colour under the caps. You have the choice of three different ink colours to use, magenta, green and yellow so they are really 3 handy gifts all rolled into 1. Your designs, message and text will be printed onto the brilliant white bodies in digital full colour for a bright and bold effect. You may be looking for promotional gifts for shows and exhibitions or you may want them as personal gifts for friends, colleagues and family members. They are flat so are ideal to slip into pockets and bags and they make inexpensive and useful gifts for all occasions. You can personalise them with a company or individual name, design or theme and our minimum order quantity is just 1 printed highlighter so they are suitable for everyone. Available on a FREE 24-Hour Express Service up to 2,000 units (delivery to Mainland UK in 2 working days). Lead time on orders placed after 14:00 will start from the next working day. Learn More